About - Fibre Goddess

My name is Jenn Thomas, and I am the human behind Fibre Goddess.

My Fibre Goddess journey began over 30 yrs ago, when I picked up my first set of knitting needles and my grandmother taught me how to knit.   This passion continued throughout my life.  As I evolved, so did my taste in yarn from the first polyester projects to the luxurious silk blends I love today.

I’ve worked many jobs from non-profit crisis work, to sexual health to massage therapy and although these jobs were fulfilling, I was lacking a creative outlet.   I struggled because although I am definitely a creative person, I hesitated to call myself an artist because I can’t draw or paint.  Getting more deeply involved in the fibre arts has proven to me that I am indeed, an artist and I am thrilled to share my art with the world.   I began spinning a few years ago and fell in love, and that then led me down the rabbit hole of hand dyeing yarn and fibre.

Fibre Goddess is based out of my home studio in Calgary, Alberta where I sometimes have two children and a dog helping me out.  More often, I have my lovely partner helping keep the two children and dog out of my studio.   During any given point of any day, I will probably have a tea mug within reach and I always keep the chocolate stash in my studio fresh.   I love music and movies and pop culture, as you can probably guess from my colourways.

My studio is my place of solitude and peace amongst the chaos.  I go there not only to work, but to find myself.  A friend and I always joked about running away to a hut in the woods to make pretty things.  So, I created my very own Hut within my home.

Welcome to the world of Fibre Goddess, enjoy your visit.