Strings of the Heart

I considered combining this post with the previous one about the projects I worked on while I was down and out with my broken ankle.    As previously mentioned, I spun yarn for my grandmother

Fibre-ing sans Spinning

Yes, I make up words sometimes, and fibre-ing just happens to be one of them.    I was searching for some ways to get my fibre fix while I couldn't spin. One day, I had

Stash Busting

With my foot completely incapable of treadling a spinning wheel, I tried to remain productive with my time.   While watching a ridiculous amount of Netflix, I managed to make it through a large portion

And then…this

I returned from my week of fun in the musical sun, eager to get back into spinning, and even had the perfect project in mind.   When I received this beautiful braid of polwarth/silk from

January Sun, Fun & Fibre

We had a very busy holiday season at the Fibre Goddess household, with visiting family and then doing some visiting of our own.   Then, over the New Year, one of my best friends and

Adventures in Drumcarding

During my last spinning class in November, we played with a drum carder.   It was too much fun to watch different colours blend together and then to see what they looked like when they

Fibre Room

Until we renovate the basement my fibre room is housed in the spare bedroom, along with the murphy bed.    The 1st order of business of setting up my space was to organize my growing

Holiday Spinning

As the holiday's were approaching, a friend contacted me and asked me if I wanted to spin some yarn for a gift for a family member.    My immediate reaction was excitement - "Yay, my

Thread of the Heart

My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a small child, probably around 7 years old.   Around the same time, my great-uncle made all of the female grandchildren (yes, yes, I know),

Second and Third Projects

Apparently, spinning on pure friction wasn't enough to scare me away completely from the fibre world.  Being a sucker for punishment, I jumped right into my next project.  I chose a blue, purple and pink

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