Well, I have the first week of Tour de Fleece under my belt, and I have to say that it went pretty well. I didn’t meet all of my goals, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

I started the Tour with Ocean Depths colourway from JulieSpins.   It’s a merino and black tussah silk blend (80/20) and with two braids I have over 10 oz of it.  I was hoping to get the whole thing done this week, but it didn’t happen but here’s some of my progress:

Day Two – One Bobbin Done


Day Two/Three – Working away

By day 4 I had two bobbins done and about halfway done the third:

On Day 6, I started my final bobbin outside in the hot Calgary sun and captured the silky glimmer on camera.
Yesterday was Day 7, I had high hopes of finishing the 4th bobbin and plying the first two, but that didn’t happen.   We took the kids down to Stampede Grounds and after walking around for 4.5 hrs in the 30 degree sun,  my ankle was in no mood to spin when I got home and I think I may have had a touch of heat exhaustion.   I did manage to visit with some sheep and play with some vats of fibre while I was there, so all was not lost.
So, I didn’t meet my goal of spinning every day, but I’ll get some in today and hopefully by the end of the weekend, have Ocean Depths all plied up.   Until next week – happy fibreing.