After 7.5 excruciatingly long weeks, I was finally able to put weight on my ankle.   Shortly after that, even though I was still walking on crutches, I sat down in front of Millie, my wheel, again.   My very first spin was the two “Twilight” batts I’d done while out of commission.   It turned into a really bulky, fun, lumpy two ply.

I could only spin a few minutes at a time before my ankle would get way too sore and swollen to continue.   Bit by bit, I continued to make progress on the gorgeous “Rainwater” braid I started.
Rainwater, on the bobbin

As I was slowly able to spin a little bit more, I became hopeful that I would be able to take some classes at Olds Fibre Week, a week long event that happens annually at a small agricultural college an hour north of Calgary.     So, I put it out to the universe that I would be healthy enough to attend and booked into classes.

After a couple of weeks of agonizingly slow spinning, I was finally able to finish the beautiful skein of Rainwater for my dear friend.   Here it is in all it’s glory:
“Rainwater”, Polwarth/Silk 85/15, 4.3 oz, 360m (393yds)

Now, on to my next fibre adventures.